About Us:

With over a decade of background and experience, the Salahshuor collection began its work seriously since the year 1385, with the trust of Allah and reliance on moral values.

The main goal: to produce high-quality products with high quality raw materials and access to world-class new technologies, to protect the rights and customer satisfaction by using the knowledge and experience of efficient professionals, and ultimately creating employment

With the acquisition of science and experience, continuous education and learning, honesty in speech and deeds, as well as the presence of committed, polite and sympathetic forces, it has been able to achieve a high and secure position in the market and in the hearts of customers, and also different from day to day. And be more successful.

This collection, while respecting the customer's rights, has taken steps to control and monitor the quality of the product and attract the satisfaction of different brands, innovating and creating a wide variety in packaging at different prices, and with more than 37 packaging examples, the major part From the tourist market of the holy city of Mashhad, as well as the level of the country and abroad.

And ultimately , Salahshuor collection with a trust in Almighty and Merciful Allah , in keeping with the principles of hygienic and ethics in the production, using the latest methods and with the machinery of production and packaging, and by promoting the work group and relying on the principle of respect for consumer rights in It is trying to produce and package quality products, forgiveness and help with consumer satisfaction.

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